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The Manhattan Club
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The Manhattan Club

As the name suggests, The Manhattan Club is located in New York City. With a location on 200 West 56th Street, staying at this resort means you are right in the middle of all the action. For those who want to enjoy their time in the Big Apple, while still having a luxurious room in which to rest their head, this is the perfect choice.

Designed as a residence-style boutique hotel, you will always feel at home when you stay here. While some resorts and hotels offer the “same old, same old” experience, nothing could be further from the truth at The Manhattan Club.

In addition to its central, convenient location in midtown Manhattan, the property itself provides visitors and owners with all the luxury features and amenities they have come to expect.

You can spend your time relaxing in a spacious suite, or maybe you want to visit the private club lounge for a bite to eat. And of course, thanks to the location, you are always close to the fast pace and excitement of everything the city has to offer (both during the day and at night).

Features and Amenities

When it comes to features and amenities, nobody outdoes The Manhattan Club. For example, the concierge is available to provide you with recommendations on everything from dining to nightlife and much more. If you need a reservation or any other type of arrangement, they have you covered.

What about the private club lounge? This is where you can enjoy a nice breakfast, schedule a business meeting, or simply kick back while you wait for your busy evening to begin.

There is also a fitness and business center on site, both of which attract guests throughout the day.


When you opt to stay at The Manhattan Club you don’t have to worry about your accommodations. You will be put up in one of the hotel’s many suites, all of which are packed full of luxury. Options include:

  • Executive junior suite
  • Metropolitan suite
  • City lights suite
  • One bedroom with two bathroom suite

It doesn’t matter how much space you need. It doesn’t matter what type of view you are interested in. The Manhattan Club has something that will suit your every want and need. When you aren’t out and about in the city, you know you will have a place you can call home.

New York City is home to many hotels, none of which offer as much value and luxury as The Manhattan Club. It only takes one stay at this residence-style boutique hotel to get hooked.



The Manhattan Club The Manhattan Club

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