Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons Timeshare

Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons Timeshare
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For many, there is no better vacation destination than one of the Hawaiian islands. Visitors to the Isle of Kauai have many choices in terms of where they stay. Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons, for example, is one of the top timeshare properties on the island. In addition to its private and serene location, once you step foot on the resort you never have to leave (unless you want to, of course).

Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons features two and three bedroom units, ensuring that groups of all sizes get the space they need. When you aren’t spending time in your nicely appointed unit, you can explore the 38 acres of open land and waterways. The views alone are enough to attract visitors to this resort.

Are you the type who enjoys nature? If so, you can spend hours on end viewing the waterfalls, coastline, and lush valleys. When the time comes to cool off, you don’t have to look far for the Pacific Ocean. If salt water isn’t your thing, don’t shy away from stopping by the two level swimming pool, complete with a heated whirlpool spa.

Features and Amenities

You already know that you will be surrounded by the natural beauty of the island. Now, it is time to learn more about the many features and amenities that have turned Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons into a top destination.

Avid golfers flock to the resort, thanks to the 18-hole course designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus. There may be other courses on the island, but this one has it all.

Not finding what you are looking for at Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons? While this is hard to believe, guests also have access to the adjacent Kauai Marriott Resort. This means twice the amenities, which includes tennis courts, a day spa, and a variety of restaurants.

Even with so much action going on around you, there will come a time when you want to retire to your unit to get some rest. When you do so, the available features will ensure that you feel at home.

Complimentary wireless internet is perfect for both business and pleasure. Additionally, you can make as many local and 800 toll calls as you want (they are all free).

For those days or nights when you don’t want to eat out, the units at Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons have a fully equipped gourmet kitchen. This includes but is not limited to stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. With this, you can cook your favorite meal or try something new.

When it comes time to rest your head for the night, the king size bed in the master suite will cradle your body and ensure that you are ready for the day ahead.

A vacation to one of the Hawaiian islands is one you will never forget. From the moment you breathe the fresh air for the first time, you will be hooked.

Those who want to get the most out of their trip, or come back time and time again, should consider a unit at Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons. Its location, features, and amenities allow it to remain one of the top destinations on the island.



Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons Timeshare Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons Timeshare Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons Timeshare

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Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons Timeshare 8.0

Amazing location with great staff and amenities.

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Posted on January 29, 2015 4:24 pm

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